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Everyone knows I'm a "long story long" kind of gal but I'll take a shot at the cliffnotes version.  
One random day I painted "be nice or else!" on the bottom of my skateboard; it later resurfaced and seemed perfect for an extension to That One Happy Thing Bracelet Company. The collection is a visual blend of being happy but not taking shit, caring a lot but setting boundaries; it's all a balance. Written in my famous high-school note handwriting that took up 77% of my existence, that all my teachers said was a waste of time, and my mom damn near hated me for it because I painted the entire inside of my shower, closet, and floor. 
That said! I hope it makes you real life laugh out loud. I hope it makes you feel a part of a family while energetically magnetizing like-minded humans to you. I hope I makes you feel comforted, supported, and loved on because those are all things (amongst 30 billion others) that I imprinted into these designs. 
xoxo <3 <3 <3  
p.s. anyone who kept the notes I wrote gets an automatic 20% off. just email a photo to (I'm serious)
p.s. part 2. That One Happy Thing + Be Nice Or Else was created in effort to support the dreams of local girls in Kuta, Lombok; Lolita, Pia, Ana, Rema, and Meli. Along with our own dream of building an Art + Music Center for the entire community. The island is small with not much opportunity. We feel if we build it... they (artist, musicians, photographers, videographers, chefs, carpenters, dancers, etc) will come. These mentorships + bonds built could mean a world of difference in just how far a child can go.

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