Our space (aka That One Happy House) was created out of pure love in support to our non-profit ThatOneHappyThing. We’re 2 sister who didn't have excessive amounts of money but we did have a vision, a lot of determination, endless amounts of faith in the Universe, and it got us here... to this moment... of being able to share this space with you.
TOHT is located in Nusa Dua, Bali  
Some key things to note...
- We are 15 minutes from the airport 5 minutes from the beach.
We have...
- Drivers for airport pickup/day rate/taxi service.
- Professional surfers for surf guiding or coaching.
- Scooter Rental’s daily and monthly.
- Cleaners and laundry service.
- Car services on surrounding islands.
- Tour guides for surrounding islands.
- Basically anything you need we can arrange.
We would LOVE to have you meet our girls!
We can guide you in scheduling all the necessary transportation to get you to Lombok so that you can meet with our little island sisters who are the heart behind our
non-profit bracelet company.
For more details on the house and how to book please follow this link...