We get a lot of questions on just how That One Happy Thing is set up.

We stepped into this not knowing a thing about building a bracelet company. All we knew was there were 5 little girls we business-partner-pinky-promised that we’d help build a consistent and reliable brand around their family's small island business. Needless to say we’ve been winging it the whole way (under the wings of angels) and built a deep-love community of supporters.

Lolita, Pia, Rema, Anna, and Meli, shifted something deep within our souls from the moment we met them. We positioned TOHT to be different than other give-back brands because we want people to connect to their faces, personalities, and hearts. We commit to give-back that surpasses small percentages and actively showing exactly how their life in the now + future, is being impacted.

This isn't just a bracelet company this is a relationship, mentorship, and above all a family rooted friendship and we hope you're come along with us for the journey!


Our short term goal...

To grow the bracelet company so much that the village's have consistent support regardless of natural disasters, worldwide pandemics, or any other tourism halts. TOHT is committed to content that spotlights the amazing people of Lombok Island (or anywhere else we travel) thus aiding in sustaining their unique culture.


Our long term goal...

To build a store front and arts + music center for the kids in effort to build the local community. We also aspire to build small villas/homestay that will serve as a home-base for friends, travelers, musicians, artists, teachers, chefs, and hopefully you, to come to Lombok to mentor, play, and create with all of the kids.

You can support our project by buying goods or bracelets in the Marketplace, buying an NXN NFT, or making a donation to TOHT Venmo.

Be on the lookout for the kids NFTs in the near future!