Everyone’s favorite question is how/ why did you two end up in Bali.. 


Well it’s always been a long story short kind of thing but since you’re here right now we can go into a little more of a long story and see how it goes.   


It all started as a bunch of mixed ideas. We aka The bad adults aka dhani & des were living in LA and trying to make some plans for our future. Figure out to some extent what our purpose on this planet is and what we wanted to do. 


We’d fill out notes in notebooks and plan on how we wanted things to go. We’d get busy with other things going on but always knew we wanted to see more of the world and what better way to do it than being accompanied by your built in best friend aka your sister. One thing we’ve learned on this journey is nothing ever really goes as planned. 


 So how did we get to Indonesia? 


Besides just wanting to see cool places and do tourist things we wanted to use these travels as a chance to bring awareness to different organizations special to each area. 


In our notes we had a list of our top places we would want to explore. One of these places being Bali.


Des got a job working in Australia.  Which for anyone who isn’t a geographer, Australia is quite close to Indonesia. She had five days off so hopped over to Bali for a quick vacay. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it this trip. However, she loved it so much that her next 5 days off she said I had to go. 


Before we headed to Indonesia together we started doing some research on different things we would want to check out. One of the things we came across was YKPA aka Bali street kids; a nonprofit organization giving disadvantaged children loving care, education, and skills they need to grow. 


Now that you have the back story.. I’ll keep it short & try to paraphrase some for now and you can come back at a later time for more in depth stories. 


Instead of spending time in Bali we hopped over to a neighboring island. The island is called gili trawangan aka Gili T. If you’ve heard of it it’s known as a party Island, has no cars and can only get around by horse, bike, or your own 2 feet. 


We just wanted to check it out and hop around to other areas. To our surprise we spent all of our days in one spot where the locals became family. It was a quick trip but we had to be sure when we got back to Bali so we would visit YKPA. At YKPA we bought some dolls to support the orphanage, met the founder, and fell in love with their story. 


After such a magical life/ mentally changing  trip we decided we had to go back. There was so much more purpose to being there so the moment we landed in the states we instantly booked a trip back for the next month. 



And that is basically the start to us being willingly stuck in paradise. 

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