We’re a thought in motion.

We’re those that have dreamed, created, been burned, yet kept dreaming.

We didn’t suddenly get "woke", we've had years of deep, painful, life-altering occurrences and awakenings that lead us to realizing if our story can help someone else’s existence on this planet; so be it.

We exist in a space of service, love, hope, and patience with equal parts grit & tenacity cuz quite frankly... someone fucking has to.

It took awhile to find each other but the universe is always divine in it’s timing. 1 turned into 2, then 2 to 4, and we keep growing by the day. We created a space to individually self heal, while building a fortress of community support; essentially transforming space into the universe we want to live in.



We each have unique gifts + strengths. That energy exchange alone will multiply each mission and spread like cosmic digital wildfire. Our resources, if combined will build stronger and faster while maintaining integrity.

Instead of preaching “be the change” through vapid online posts that get buried as time passes, the goal is to create lasting connections that, as a whole take action consistently & thoroughly; together.

Our digital Rolodex is comprised of hotspots in Bali Indonesia, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, North America and beyond. 


We’re currently self funded via our own NFT projects…
nakedxnature +  funnylookingstrangers + children of the metaverse


These aren’t quick flip NFTs to make a bag off of. These are conscious transactions that state you align with our vision and acknowledge the limitless opportunities we can create for our planet, those in need, and each other via the blockchain.