If you feel like you don't fit in...

If you feel like you don't fit in...

Does anyone else find it hard to fit in? I mean I’ve always been a bit of a butterfly loner but the more I observe people the more I wonder what other peoples observations see or feel.


Like… I’m an extremely intimate person who loves hard on the people in my circle but I don’t quite fit with the sensual clan who hosts touchy freely parties. 


I’m insanely spiritual with gifts I’ve had since I was born, but I don’t fit in with those who live this path loudly with full conviction towards one belief.


I can dance for 13 hour straight and love me some planet medicine yet I’ve been there done the rest so I don’t fit in with the party crowd. 


I see people constantly surrounded by friends and activities but I’d much prefer to lay next to one person staring in into the vast abyss above us (or a ceiling with spiderwebs in the corner) and hear personalized life stories, battles they conquered, lessons they’ve learned, and music thats been soundtracks to their life. 


I feel life plays before me in-between real life and dreams… or perhaps this is the dream and real life is what happens when we close our eyes, and then suddenly I don’t know what’s real anymore. I see people act out these characters of what they think they need to be, what role they need to play, and through an observing lens I just don’t fit. It’s neither a plus nor a negative (y’all that been with me for a minute know I don’t believe in good or bad) and like said I’m just curious what other people ponder… if they feel content in a specific category… or if they have a different longing as well.

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