Meditation used to SCARE me. Sitting alone with my thoughts without anything to distract me, plus add in stressing if I am doing it right or not... double scary. So if that happens to be your reason for not trying, trust me when I say that you aren’t alone. Everyone I have talked to about meditation has been there and said/done that. 

Those moment when your mind is wandering to your to-do list or something that happened. Is completely fine. How do you become better? You realize you’re doing it! That’s it. Pay attention to your thoughts and that moment that you realized your mind has drifted is the moment you came into the power of your thoughts. 

Or you’re there, you’re focused it’s quiet, no distractions, and you fall asleep. I promise we’ve all done it. It’s normal just continue to practice you’re doing great!

To meditate is to be conscious of your thoughts, know what you’re thinking and try to keep it positive. 3 things I focus on is...

- Manifest what you're wanting in life.

- Being aware of your thoughts give you power to, instead of you unconsciously thinking.

- Focus on your breathing and how each breath feels throughout your body. This will be able to help you to know your body better and stay calm in day to day situations. 

Exercising your mind is just as important as physical fitness. Meditation is great for your mind but don’t forget to carry it through real life. When carried over to real life it can benefit you in many different areas and some of the benefits include relieve stress, control anxiety, enhance self-awareness and improve your focus.


Have you personally ever tried meditating?


A few apps that you can use for meditation are:

- The Mindfulness App

- Headspace

- Calm

- Buddhify

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