NFT NYC 2022

NFT NYC 2022

Crypto twitter can be such a whirlwind of drama mixed with positive connections. I was vocal about not wanting to go to NFT NYC but in the end decided to book a last minute flight... just to see what could happen.


What happened was the people I've met and already considered digital besties turned into IRL fam forever.

What happened was long long hugs when you suddenly realized that the person standing next to you is such-and-such screen name and you've known them for months via spaces.


What happened was regardless of any project, as cheesy as it sounds, the real utility ACTUALLY is our friendships/connections.


I can't thank everyone enough for your love, kindness, dance floor boogies, lil Wayne rap sessions, long city walks (when we thought it would only be 15 mins) and really just caring to show up.


Love y'all so much and know the only thing that's helping my massive seperation anxiety is knowing I can stalk y'all in spaces. 😂

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