Why I broke up with coffee...

Why I broke up with coffee...

Ok breakup is a strong ass word so let's just say I keep coffee as my sidepiece. That said, I'm a coffee LOVER. Not just the fluffy drinks but black coffee, no sugar, no cream. To further understand the obsession as a teen I used to keep coffee beans in my car just to intoxicate my senses.


For a deep dive into this breakup picture, I don't really know when it started cuz it feels like it's always there but I have a heart arrhythmia that either speeds my heart or alarmingly slows down. Coffee for me is hit or miss... but on those hit days my heart would be beating faster than the energy created between speedy Gonzalez racing speed racer. It feels debilitating, it feels near death, and it feels like I simply just shouldn't be drinking it.


me & Sampantha circa 2010-ish when she visited me in LA.

Like most things I cling to (aka bff recommendations) Love Cacao was first given to me from my 16+ year bff Samantha Levi. From fabricated prom parties in our late teens, to her becoming Kansas City's #1 photographer, to shifting into her insanely beautiful wellness journey, I've watched her bloom year after year. So it's only natural that she helped me find one of my biggest solutions.

First I'll break it down with this pic she shared cuz it helped me to understand it better...

WTF is ceremonial cacao & how does it differ from other cacaos...

Basically it comes down to less processing and some cacaos even have added filler powders cut in.




As mentioned before I looove coffee... but for me what I realized was it was too heavy on my adrenals causing them to overwork & fatigue. Might sound like I'm overreacting but certain coffee would legit flatten me out into the sleepiest coma, while my heart was racing as if it wanted to jump straight out my chest.


I got tired of... well... feeling like complete shit and promoted cacao as my #1 go-to. I keep my cabinets stacked and you best bet its the first thing I order the second I land back in the states.


I've found a safe haven in Love Cacao because y'all know I dig deep into the ethics of companies and track their every last move. I've uncovered such integrity with the founder and am inspired by her desire to work to keep the practices of  villages/communities she works with.

To find out more about Love Cacao click HERE.





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