Vibrations, labels, suffering, spiraling, and other tings.

Vibrations, labels, suffering, spiraling, and other tings.

When you operate in flow with purpose, abundance isn’t something you create or manifest... it just is. 


I feel like too many times we get so hung up on words yet forget words are made up by humans who don’t even have deep understanding of how vast & limitless their brains are. 


Many humans live in a hamster wheel of their own sad reality with no desire to change & they replace their intelligence with the comfort of living in pain. So words... what are they? To me, it’s info channeled through & made sense with a specific label that humans understand but that said it doesn’t take away from the fact that simplified it’s just a vibration. 


I always talk about “there is no positive or negative, no good or bad, there is only flow and blocks”. So what if in the same sense we tried to drop our goals for obtaining positivity & simply kept our vibration high?


Which in times like now you might be thinking “how’s that possible when the world is hurting?” But I can tell you I learned my deepest lessons of happiness smack dab in the middle of suffering. I’ve seen first hand that those seemingly “without problems” spiral mentally while those who by today’s standard should be freaking the fuck out are chill, centered, & smiling. It’s all perspective, it’s all your own reality, it’s how you choose to see things.


Dropping the labels & committing to the vibration = an automatic magnet of scenarios where you have the choice tap into you’re intuitions flow & watch your dreams manifest 10-fold (without manifesting)


At least that’s how I see it.

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