Children who started to build a skate park with their own hands! I want to make my dreams come true! !! ~ Challenge of junior high school girls

Sumbawa is an hour's flight from Bali and Lakey is a world-famous surf spot. However, due to the influence of Corona, the number of tourists has dropped sharply, many people have cut off their income sources, and children have not been to school for more than half a year without the support of home study. I want to create a skate park that will be a light of hope for such Sumbawa children! !!


Nice to meet you. My name is Lana. I'm a 13 year old first year middle school student. I was born in Japan, moved to Bali, Indonesia at the age of 1 and have been attending an international school in Bali since the age of 2. I have been living on Sumbawa for eight months since I couldn't go to school in Corona. My friends, Sumbawa's locomotives, always smile and are kind and caring, even though their lives are difficult and they have a lot of hardships and patience. There is no park for kids to play in Lakey, and my friends take turns playing with just one broken skateboard on a bumpy road. Seeing such friends, I wanted to create a place where I could have fun and learn while playing, so I decided to create a skate park. If you have a skate park, you can learn not only skating but also various things and open new doors for everyone. I've learned a lot since I started building skate parks. My friends in Sumbawa are also looking forward to experiencing and learning things they have never done before and playing at the skatepark. I wanted to create a sturdy, high quality skatepark for those friends. I realized that I couldn't do it by myself. And I was taught about crowdfunding. I want to make this crowdfunding successful, absolutely complete the skatepark, make Sumbawa's friends happy and enjoyable, and definitely create a place where everyone's future can be expanded. And for that, we can't do it without the help of many people. Please support us for our dreams. 


Today, Lakey kids are trying to build skateparks by themselves, knocking down trees, digging soil, carrying heavy stones, doing everything they can.


Even if I flatten the large amount of soil that has been carried, dig a deep hole, and make beans in both hands, I dream of the day when the skate park will be completed and I am doing my best with a smile.

The beginning was a Japanese junior high school student. She attended a school in Bali, but was unable to attend school due to Corona and is now taking online classes from Sumbawa.



She hasn't seen the end of Corona's intentions, and she's been in Sumbawa to this day. Helped by powerful locals during the lockdown, and always surrounded by smiling kids. Behind the scenes, I have witnessed the difficulties of their lives and the problems of children's education.