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Hi. Welcome, Bienvenidos, Selamat Datang.

If you've been sent this link it's either cuz you're curious how to get involved or you're already all chips in ready to sign on the dotted line. If you're wanting details and down for a bit of reading, stay on this page and keep scrolling.

If you already know what's up and you're just waiting to be told how you can support, click that green box and...




In simplest form... 

The details + what we've accomplished in 5 months...




  • Building a tight knit community of cosmic believers, deep feelers, those healing, and healers. We've pulled in the dgens who are looking to regen and those crazy enough to join a divergent ape-cult. 

We've hosted dream interpretation spaces with our in-house metaphysical master Tarak Uday, created a private group for support/sharing, and guided people one-on-one. None of us are paid to do this yet we prioritize it because we truly feel if we take care of our community our community will take care of the world.






  • June 2022, Swolelukosbags sponsored a child at BSKP Orphanage in Bali Indonesia that RaeRae has been working with since 2017.

  • July 2022, Swole also donated an iPad to thatonehappything kids to fuel & inspire their own artistry and potentially an NFT collection.
  • This lead to Swole+Rae founding EXC and inspired others to join forces.
  • Oct 2022, we partnered with Steezy Ape Gang to purchases skateboards for the BSKP kids & Swole traveled to Bali to gift the kids in person.
  • $10,548usd donated & transacted via RaeRaeDao nakedxnature NFT'. The money is currently being invested in building/opening a shop for a local village in Kuta, Lombok Indonesia. The shop will provide visibility to their cultural arts as well as a base for their kids to receive creative opportunities. This relationship has been fostered since the 2018 earthquakes that later bloomed to @thatonehappything. We dream of people coming to visit, mentoring the kids, having a coconut, buying their goods, and perhaps taking a trip to their village just to experience their island lifestyle.
  • Feeding 100 people in the Slums in Kuta, Bali; documented by our friend Tomas.
  • Purchased bags of rice to stock the homes of people in the financially poorest parts of Bali; we aim to do this consistently.
  • Supporting local artisans via our give-back marketplace.
  • And last but not least months being guided by non-profit know-all,  Lisa, learning and planning to start our own 501c3 non-profit. We aim to be the standard of IRL giving for Web3 and beyond. Our passion is to document just how far your money went into changing the lives of other people, not just in the moment but for years to come.





Why a non-profit when there's so many already out there?

1. We find it hard to trust donating big sums of money to a charity and not knowing how the money is used or if it will even go to the people in need. We feel strongly about transparently showing the difference each dollar makes through video/photo storytelling. We also feel deep importance in connecting supporters to the faces the donations are serving, as it adds a personal element past just sending money; we want people to realize they are legitimately changing lives.


2. There are many non-profits that help globally, however those who aren't able to obtain that trusted/tax deductible title, they're often left forgotten. We plan to use Bali as the incubator for linking Web3 resources to IRL impact. With success, we  plan to create and then duplicate all over the world; especially locations that mean the most to our Web3 community.

Locations directly on our radar: Indonesia, Puerto Rico, and Honduras.


3. Larger donations. It's sad to say but people tend to give more when they benefit. As a 501c3, donations made are fully tax deductible which helps the donor as well as the projects being donated to. 



 So with that said... go on and click through.