We're keeping this short and sweet for the ones who read the last novel of a page.



You're here for a reason. Be it a personal calling to give more or perhaps one of us drug you hear after begging to help us take over the world: either way we're stoked!

It's our goal to...

- Be known as the Web3 standard of giving towards trustworthy causes.             

- Make giving easy with clear direction and transparent results.

- Story-tell our irl impact results.



energyxchange.eth . this wallet is dedicated solely to donations so that we can easily keep track of what's coming in and what's going out.




- Share our initiatives to your community.

- Join our Twitter spaces and community events when available from main accounts.

- Be transparent with donations/give back initiatives.

- Display collective leadership in Web3 giveback initiatives.

- Have a place on your website with links to our website and social accounts.

- Most importantly move with integrity and be a voice of change, compassion, and love.


We can't think you enough for showing interest, for investing your own time into this, and we look forward to showing the world the real utility behind the blockchain.

<3 - Rae + Swole 


To apply please send an email to