What if...

What if...

We’re always told time is money but what if time meant peace.

What if time meant communication that ended suffering?

What if we set jumping the gun on the back burner and took the time hear each other out, gain pure personal facts, and truly invest in each other?

What if instead of taking sides we created room for everyone to speak? Where emotions were laid out not to be attacked but to be understood.

What if when someone was in pain, shaking with every fiber of their being, we chose to hold them close vs bash their identity?

What if we choose to step outside our own personal attachments and ego-led emotions? How different would our relationships be?

What if instead of pointing fingers on who’s doing what wrong or which person is to blame... we pointed the finger at our self knowing that we spend more time pleasing and gaining outwardly and not enough time focused inwardly.

Because the one thing I can tell you is that if every person on this planet dealt with their own inner demons first, released their deep wounded traumas first, invested in themselves through meditation, yoga, prayer, breathwork and other cleansing rituals first... our world wouldn’t be the levels of fucked up that it is today.
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