everything on this planet can be condensed to one simple thing... energy. we label it money. we label it love. we label it friendship. sometimes we even label it as heartbreak. it comes in so many forms & it’s up to us how we exchange it. this is the energyxchange... where we choose to use our energy for change. we choose to support each other, water each other, & grow together in effort to expand our spiderweb of love-hotspots across the cosmos.

you can access the community through our DISCORD

this is a space of support, learning, and connecting. this is a community where we give just as much as we get and it's kept at the forefront that we really are stronger together. that said,

this is your space so if you have ideas, need an extra lift, or know someone in need, feel free to share.

this is also a place for you to go to charge others or recharge yourself and we're so in love with the fact that we get to create an exchange of energy with you.