is an expressive extension of myself. As women we are taught to hate our bodies from the moment we're conceived. In the womb we absorb all the pressure & self shaming that our mothers experience, as well as all generations before them. Upon entering this planet little girls, teenagers, & young women take on unrealistic views of what they should look like to be pretty, what not to wear because they're being too sexy, what they need to do cuz they're not being sexy enough, as well as 30 billion other constraints placed on their existence. I reached a point where I was tired of being kept in a box of standards & other peoples opinions. Through stripping down to just my body I found immense freedom, I found self love, & (as cheesy as it sounds) I found myself. 

This collection started as a creative outlet for me, made as an energyxchange for you, with the idea that we are all naked by nature.

xo. rae rae


There is no roadmap cuz lets face it... nothing ever goes according to plan. That said, we do have a vision that bigger than the both of us and will quite literally take a village to accomplish. The foundation will be made possible through the purchase of an NXN NFT that will help fund our Blockchain to IRL activations.
HAPPY SHOP IN LOMBOK INDONESIA (Currently being built!)
We are paying for a storefront for locals from a neighboring village to have their  bracelets, blankets, pottery, and other handmade goods in Lombok, Indonesia. This will be the starting impact for giving the @that1happything kids a place to hang out while allowing their families to build a sustainable business. We’ve been working alongside one of the kids mother who has been with us every step of the way since 2018. There's a lot in store but we like to under promise, over deliver so we'll layout what we have now. 
  • We raised enough money via our NFTs & NFT community to build out a shop.
  • Shop cost for 1 year 30 million rupiah; $2,000usd
  • The bones of the shop were there we just had to give it some love. A detailed list of where money was spent will be made public once the shop is complete.
  • The kids, their family, and the community is excited. We've recieved sooo much support, ideas, and guidance. We aim to make this a creative hotpot to showcase the beautiful culture and arts of the local Sasak people.
The shop is almost finished with construction and from there it's just setting everything up! We're exciting to get this project successfully funded, started, and sustained. It will be the foundation example of EXC becoming a 501(c)(3) Non-profit where we angel invest in those who need it the most.
CHILDREN OF THE METAVERSE the brainchild of @swoleluksobags and a deep dive into his explorations of ai art. His interest began over a year ago and finally manifested to the highest caliber of his artistic expression. With the same give as much as we get model, Swole has already donated $1133 that will be put towards EXC impact projects.
From Swole...

"I have never considered myself a creative person or an artist. Though some may disagree and say surfing, skating and shaping surfboards is an art, I have never been savvy with a pencil.

When I found ai over a year ago, I was immediately hooked. I couldn't stop.

Through this I was able to create what my brain had been thinking through all these years, digging deeper and perfecting an aesthetic unique to me. Being latino I hardly see collections representing my culture. I wanted to take it a step further and create something where everyone felt represented and could see a little bit of themselves in every child created."


funny looking strangers. 

Funny Looking Strangers is an NFT project built upon the Ethereum blockchain. The Strangers are an altruistic species who come to our world to help with environmental causes. Split into five kingdoms amongst the desert there are five 1-of-1 kings for each region.The five Kings can channel Ethereum's strong energy charges, shape them, and make them take the form of that single thing that is most valuable to them. Do you know what it is? That's right -- the environment! The Kings care about the environment first. After discovering our planet, each of them fell madly in love with a different ecosystem and vowed to help protect what we have left of it. 



FLS is partnered with the Oceanic Society ( which is America’s oldest non-profit dedicated to ocean conservation, since 1969. Come be a stranger for a bit. #wearestrange
- Daniel