is an expressive extension of myself. As women we are taught to hate our bodies from the moment we're conceived. In the womb we absorb all the pressure & self shaming that our mothers experience, as well as all generations before them. Upon entering this planet little girls, teenagers, & young women take on unrealistic views of what they should look like to be pretty, what not to wear because they're being too sexy, what they need to do cuz they're not being sexy enough, as well as 30 billion other constraints placed on their existence. I reached a point where I was tired of being kept in a box of standards & other peoples opinions. Through stripping down to just my body I found immense freedom, I found self love, & (as cheesy as it sounds) I found myself. 

This collection started as a creative outlet for me, made as an energyxchange for you, with the idea that we are all naked by nature.

xo. rae rae


There is no roadmap cuz lets face it... nothing ever goes according to plan. That said, we do have a vision that bigger than the both of us and will quite literally take a village to accomplish. The foundation will be made possible through the purchase of an NXN NFT that will help fund our Blockchain to IRL activations.
⁃ Pay for a storefront for the village to have the the bracelets in on Lombok, Indonesia. This will be the starting impact for giving our @that1happything kids a place to hang out vs their current setup of having to sell bracelets; mind you this is how their village is set up… our goal is to allow the kids to be kids and focus less on having to make money. We’ve already been talking with one of the girls mother who has been with us every step of the way since 2018. 

Cost to secure a shop $2000
Cost for supplies $1000
⁃ our big goal down the line is to do a nft project with the @that1happything kids… they drew on my iPad for the first time a couple months ago & loooved it. we hope to build a collection around them where 100% goes to building out the art+music center, homestay, their ideas to build businesses, & ultimately sustain their land & village; so they get a piece of the pie rather than expats coming in & taking everything. That said, with the NXN mint we want to jumpstart this vision by buying iPads to bring back to Indonesia so the kids can create freely without having to take turns every 10 minutes; parents will understand lol.
We've already been searching for land, finding builders, figuring out electricity, and a lot of other deets needed to make the actual art center a reality. This is a slow build because we want to do it right, so in baby steps, upon hitting our NXN goals we will roll out more details on what it will cost to secure everything and build out the physical location.
Estimated cost: 5 iPads $4,000usd
 It started with wanting to build wells in local communities in Bali who have no access to water.  As tourism rises packaged water/resources are used for hotels, villas, & restaurants; not to mention that Bali is experiencing a major water crisis.
The beautiful thing about Bali is everyone looks out for each other, so knowing our desire to help our bff Tomas introduced us to Matthew, creator or Kore Culture Labs; a beverage company that believes food is medicine and the future is  regenerative rainwater harvesting.
In a meeting Matthew said it's their goal to bring these rainwater systems to the driest communities in Bali and we couldn't be more bullish to support.
The estimated cost is to be determined as he said each location needs different resources. We'll be updating regularly as more information & plans are formed.

Estimated cost: $5,000
And this is just the start...
A vision shown to me/that I've had for years is to build a healing center. I had originally wanted to build it in Bali yet recently realized Indonesia is healing without any additions. So I shifted and while simultaneously being inspired by our Web3 community, I saw a need for in-person closeness and an outlet for trauma release. It got me to thinking perhaps an Island Oasis being oddly, yet perfectly placed in Kansas might be the move. Being that it's smack dab in the middle of the USA, makes for easy access and creates a safe haven to invest in your own self healing. With an array of tools that support your recharge, your journey, and your future: in short rehab for real people. 
funny looking strangers. 

Funny Looking Strangers is an NFT project built upon the Ethereum blockchain. The Strangers are an altruistic species who come to our world to help with environmental causes. Split into five kingdoms amongst the desert there are five 1-of-1 kings for each region.The five Kings can channel Ethereum's strong energy charges, shape them, and make them take the form of that single thing that is most valuable to them. Do you know what it is? That's right -- the environment! The Kings care about the environment first. After discovering our planet, each of them fell madly in love with a different ecosystem and vowed to help protect what we have left of it. 



FLS is partnered with the Oceanic Society ( which is America’s oldest non-profit dedicated to ocean conservation, since 1969. Come be a stranger for a bit. #wearestrange
- Daniel