A simple "WOW" is all we need to say but because I'm a talker I'll fill you in with a quite timeline update.

- August 2018 over 2000 high mag earthquakes hit Lombok Island. 

- Sept 2018 We raised money and took the first flight back to Lombok to bring supplies, buy food, and support where we could.

- October 2018 we took a day to drive a couple hours north of the physically affected area and met Lolita, Pia, Rema, Ana, and Meli as they sold us bracelets; needless to say we fell instantly in love with them. Tourism was wiped from the Island for fear of earthquakes and the villages were suffering so we started brainstorming on how we could help them.

- December 2018 we paid all the fees and officially became a non-profit. 

- 2019 we traveled back and forth spending a lot of time honing our relationship with the kids and their village. From beach hangs, to their first trip to the Gili Islands, to learning to weave in their village, and other moments like this played an important role the foundation of our company. We wanted to learn their ways, their culture, and connect with their families above all, so that this brand reflects respect, love, and tight knit community.

- 2019 we were accepting into 5 shops with 9 more on the horizon.

- 2020 hit us hard just as it did the rest of the world. We got stuck in Los Angeles for 9 months, all momentum paused for the brand but even worse for Lombok Island. These small islands have virtually no assistance and are left to survive on their own.

- 2020 was also the height of the Black Lives Matter marches where we walked over 10 miles a day for 30 days. We saw/felt so much pain/divide that we took to the streets with all the bracelets we had and passed them out for free. We felt them seeing the bracelet on their wrist would be a daily reminder that they are loved and forever connected to our family.

- 2020 October we arrived back in Bali where we have since been working to rebrand the company. Lombok Islands tourism has straight plummeted with no future signs of normal tourism. The goals for TOHT helping have now become dire yet even with the circumstances these beautiful people still hold big smiles on their faces.

- 2021 everything you can possibly think to go wrong has. But much like our Lombok fam we smile through it all. From our beloved dog Mana almost dying, my fathers transition from earth to cosmic body, to being hit multiple times on scooter, and gaining a baby chicken via a ceremony we FINALLY made it back to Lombok.

- So here we are today with a new collection of bracelets. Inspired from finding my childhood block necklace, I've designed letter blocks with my handwritten TOHT Font as well as 4-side crystal blocks available in Amethyst, Labradorite, Moonstone, and Peridot. Our OG Smiley and Lombok Shell charms are still available!

Thanks to everyone who has supported us over the years. Your likes, shares, and purchases have directly impacted the kids and their village and brought immense amounts of hope in drastic tough times. 



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